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 +[[https://​journals.sagepub.com/​doi/​full/​10.1177/​0004867417709357|Adjunctive minocycline treatment for major depressive disorder: A proof of concept trial]] by Dr. Olivia M Dean [New Zealand], Buranee Kanchanatawan,​ Melanie Ashton...
 +[[https://​sciencealert.com/​astonishing-new-study-treats-alzheimer-s-in-mice-with-a-light-and-sound-show|Scientists '​Clear'​ Alzheimer'​s Plaque From Mice Using Only Light And Sound]]
 +[[https://​www.scientificamerican.com/​article/​an-hour-of-light-and-sound-a-day-might-keep-alzheimers-at-bay/​|An Hour of Light and Sound a Day Might Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay]]