Cold Fusion Magazine 1994

In 1994 Wayne Green began publishing the magazine “Cold Fusion: The Magazine of the Water Fuel Age”. The late Gene Mallove was the editor. Gene and Wayne had different versions of what happened. Gene describes as a 'falling out with the publisher' and Wayne described as 'the editor running off with the subscription list in the dark of the night to start their own magazine'. It is up to you to decide which version of history you want to believe.

Gene Mallove was editor for three glossy print issues of the magazine Cold Fusion in 1994.

Issue One Issue Two Issue Three

Issue 3 was the last glossy, full-color magazine published, but Wayne continued to put out Cold Fusion until at least late 1996, as a smaller journal/newsletter. Numerous Cold Fusion papers were published in it.

Navy report on Cold Fusion 2002

In 2002 the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, a subdivision of the U.S. Navy, located in San Diego California, prepared a report that is strongly supportive of cold fusion research:

TECHNICAL REPORT 1862, February 2002 Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System (In two volumes)

TECHNICAL REPORT 1862 Volume-I, February 2002 Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System Volume 1: A Decade of Research at Navy Laboratories; Vol.I, ~121 pages, ~3.5 Meg.

TECHNICAL REPORT 1862, February 2002 Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System Volume 2: Simulation of the Electrochemical Cell (ICARUS) Calorimetry One; Vol. II, 178 pgs, ~43 Meg

SPAWAR's mission is to provide the warfighter with knowledge superiority by developing, delivering, and maintaining effective, capable and integrated command, control, communications, computer, intelligence and surveillance systems. And, while our name and organizational structure have changed several times over the years, our basic mission of helping the Navy communicate and share critical information has not. SPAWAR provides information technology and space systems for today's Navy and Defense Department activities while planning and designing for the future.

Wayne Green's Blog 2008

[Wayne Green, W2NSD, published his Blog in reverse chronicle order, I have left it in that format.]

  • 7/16/08

Nuclear Power

It seems odd to me that, being awash in oil, Iran feels the necessity to develop nuclear power. Of course, unless this is a subterfuge for the development of nukes…which there is little question they’d love to have to drop on Israel and sneak into some of our cities..

History is, of course, repeating itself, with the scientific establishment denying cold fusion, just as it has every major new scientific (and medical) development. Never mind that the cold fusion principle was confirmed by the NASA Lewis Research Center in Cleveland. I published the details eleven years ago in issue #22 of my Cold Fusion Journal, pages 18 to 35.

How cold fusion works is fairly simple, once one admits that a transmutation of elements is possible. Alchemy! Skeptics need to read Michio Kushi’s The Philosopher’s Stone, a Guide to Alchemy, Transmutation and the New Science. Or rub two carbon rods together with a small electric current flowing. Then put a magnet under the resulting powder and watch some of the powder jump up. It’s been alchemized into iron (see my 11/25/07 posting).

For cold fusion we take a porous metal such as nickel. We can powder it for the maximum surface area and then put it in plain old water. When we pass an electric current through the water it splits into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen atom, being small with an atomic weight of 1.0079, is absorbed by the sponge-like nickel. The oxygen atom, with a weight of 16.9994, is too big to be absorbed, so it passes off. Experimenters have found that by the time the nickel has absorbed 82% of hydrogen it starts to convert the nickel to copper.

Nickel, with an atomic weight of 58.70, plus five hydrogens at 5.04 has a weight of 63.74. Copper, at 63.546 leaves us with 0.194 of mass lost in the process. Put that into E = MC2. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, a huge number. So, a tiny bit of mass changed into energy gives us a lot of heat. A whole lot. Jim Patterson, at an energy conference, demonstrated a cold fusion cell the size of a coffee mug that had one watt of electricity powering it and 1,000 watts of heat coming out for the duration of the conference.

With a power source like that, which has no polluting by-products, who needs nuclear power plants with their dangers and radioactive waste? On Good Morning America Patterson demonstrated a cell using radioactive waste for fuel and converting it to non-radioactive material. That sure beats the hell out of burying those thousands of tons of radioactive waste in a Nevada mountain.

Once R&D teams get going on this we’ll be seeing units about the size of a dishwasher able to supply all the heat and electricity a home or business could need. And cars that need little more than water for fuel. That’ll be mostly to replace that lost to steam driving the electric generator. And, instead of big, heavy batteries to get a car started until the cold fusion system is generating steam, we’ll see the Takahashi capacitor used for power storage, just as it was in the scooter I drove around London’s outskirts a decade ago.

If they aren’t assassinated by the oil industry mafia before they can get into production, some person or group stands to make gazillions introducing this new technology. Any volunteers? And this will change the world far more than the personal computer or cell phones.

  • 11/25/07


That was the screams from the faculty at Texas A&M when Professor Bokris opined that the energy from cold fusion came from a transmutation of elements. They got together and tried to get the university to fire Bokris for such heresy.

The scientific establishment, as usual, viciously fought the challenge to their beliefs. You would be hard put to name any major development or idea in science or medicine that hasn’t been fought.

Dr. Huzinga, the head of the Department of Energy, who should have known better, wrote a book, Cold Fusion, the Fiasco of the Century. In his position he could see what this would do to the oil, coal and natural gas industries, as well as the nuclear power plants generating electricity. With trillions of dollars at stake he did what he had to do, including getting the Patent Office to shelve any cold fusion patent applications.

The transmutation of elements is easy to prove, right on the kitchen table. Just take two carbon rods, such as you find in #6 dry cells, connect them to a battery and rub them together over a sheet of white paper. Some carbon powder will come off. Now get a magnet, put it under the paper, and some of the powder will jump. Some of the carbon has been turned into iron. Take that, you alchemy screamers!

Cold fusion gets its enormous amounts of heat from elemental transmutation. Nickel is transmuted into copper.

One of these days someone with the money to develop a practical cold fusion-powered unit will put one on the market, probably about the size of a kitchen dish washer, which will provide all the heat and electricity a family could need, and at a tiny fraction the cost of oil or electricity today. Well, there will go the power grid. [Removed an ethnic reference here about the brokers of Oil, don't want to offend anyone with science today do we? :-( .]

Andrea A. Rossi 2011

This Cold Fusion page with not be complete with out mentioning Andrea A. Rossi's Cold Fusion Generator. I covered this in my Software Safety Blog in 2011, so I will not repeat myself here: Will Cold Fusion or the solar powered bikini, the iKini, power your next embedded system?

One comment I will make here, is that one demo photo showed equipment using plastic buckets. If the device were to work as that photo claimed, the buckets would have melted…

Cold Fusion Today

The term 'Cold Fusion' has lots of baggage with it today, so most of the research takes place under the term Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reaction, or simply LENR-CANR.

The site features a library of papers on LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions/Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions. The library includes more than 1,000 original scientific papers reprinted with permission from the authors and publishers. The papers are linked to a bibliography of over 3,500 journal papers, news articles and books about LENR.

The argument of if Cold Fusion works was settled years ago, it does. Now the argument is now does it work and why does it not work 100% of the time? That many lead use to the Electric Universe model…

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