Evidence of a Christmas spirit network in the brain functional MRI study

Evidence of a Christmas spirit network in the brain: functional MRI study


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good pain free night…

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2016 US Rail Shut-down?

This is a short excerpt of a longer article appearing in the November 2015 issue of Coal Age Magazine, on possible shutdown of the US Rail System at the start of 2016.

TIH: Toxic Inhalation Hazards. TIH release in a densely populated area could have catastrophic consequences.

As of December 14th 2015, H.R.3651 to extend the deadline is stuck in committee:

Latest Title: Positive Train Control Enforcement and Implementation Act of 2015 Sponsor: Rep Shuster, Bill [PA-9] (introduced 9/30/2015) Latest Major Action: 10/1/2015 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials.

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On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit

The Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM) and the European Association for Decision Making (EADM) published this interesting article in their current Journal (V10#6, Nov/2015). Might help at your next appointment: :-)



[Yes, I read strange stuff. 'Normal' is only a setting on the dryer…]

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Creating your own Online Course.

Saw an ad in my feed for “…how to create (and sell) profitable online courses…” were they were selling course create software.

Google has similar Open Source Software for free:


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I use this blog for items that don't fit in my other blogs.

I blog on medical stuff and Embedded Systems/Software Safety at my other blogs.

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