Most all of the world sees Consciousness as 'us'. That is our body holding 'us' in. I see Consciousness as a extremely sharp filter that keeps the rest of the Multiverse out.

In electronics the “Quality Factor” or Q is what determines the sharpness of a filter in a Tuned Circuit. The higher the number the narrower the bandwidth. A filter with the highest Q value would let *only* in exactly the desired signal. Only 'us'.

Mediums or Psychs can lower their Q value to widen their bandwidth to allow in other information from the Multiverse. See http://www.bpaddock.com/time for my view's on Multiverse and how the brain works to bring in this information.

People that have even lower Q values suffer from “psychosis” where they 'hear' voices. We must not discount true pathological medical disease psychosis here when people 'hear' such things. In my past work with Neurophones and such I've been contacted more by the latter group and these people need medical intervention. Also some have been helped by learning “Psychic Self-defense” techniques.

People that have a near zero Q values suffer from Identity Disorders.

Looking again http://www.bpaddock.com/time my premise and research supports, the brain uses Chaotic Attractors. These are the tuning mechanism. Read the book “Chaos” by James Gleick if you have not already done so.

Taking a personal example from my late wife's death, see http://www.kpaddock.org

From “Karen's Journal” now required reading at Duke School of Medicine. Karen's death was a suicide due to the unending physical pain:

=== Friday, August 9, 2013 at 7:53am EDT Christine Sepanek [Named used with her consent.]

“Today, I came so close to the water's edge, and I believed it would heal me.

So, I knelt with reverence there and though it hurt just to tilt my head back, I did and I lifted my eyes to the sky.

It was there in the midst of my unrelenting pain and through the desperate sound of my own unanswered plea for relief, that I heard you crying at length.

I recognized the sound, I recognized your tears and I knew that, like me, no words could console you.

You had departed the place where others find hope, the moment I said goodbye.

Not one second did I ever believe my maker would rejoice as I made my choice and made my way to the water's edge.

Please know that I heard you so clearly but in the bitter solitude of pain, and despite the whispers and the shouts, I simply lost strength.”

Friday, August 9, 2013 at 7:57am EDT

As I [Bob] cry my eyes out reading that. NEVER take the path Karen chose to take in the end. May I quote it on her page and website?

Friday, August 9, 2013 at 8:06am EDT Christine Sepanek

Yes it is yours .

I wrote it for you last night. I wept for you, I couldn't sleep trying to remember if Karen and I had ever talked one on one.

Thinking if we did, “Did I listen?” I cried so much I drove my pressure sky high [Intracranial Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure] and I couldn't understand why I could not stop.

Suddenly, I realized my tears were for you and I did not know another way to reach out to you.

If you ever need to chat, night or day, if I am awake…I will make time for you.

=== [ Hard to type when crying. :-( See http://www.kpaddock.com/book ]

Christine Sepanek did not understand that this was an example of spontaneous Channelling. She had never heard of such things until I explained what Channelling was, it was simply not a part of her world.

Christine and Karen's imprints (I don't like to use Frequencies) are a close match making it easier for Karen to send a message to Christine.

I have no way to know if Karen even knew of Christine when she was alive. I am well known due to my advocacy work for Intracranial Hypotension due to Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leaks which is how Christine knew of Karen's death and knew me (from my announcement of Karen's death, I had not yet become an advocate only a day after Karen died). Christine has picked up less profound messages from Karen randomly.

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