The Death of Opossum

by Robert L. Paddock
Copyright (C) 2014

On the way to work this morning I saw Opossum die.

It trotted out of the brush to my left.

Full day a head, full of life.

Opossum was oblivious to the approaching car inches from it.

Inches from Death.

I braced myself, slowing as fast I could, praying for the best for the beast.

The oncoming car startled Opossum causing it to rise.

To beat Opossum against the bottom of the car.

Oh what a surprise!

Opossum rolled twice.

Four legs to the sky.

Still Opossum lies.

I had just watched Death.

A critter had just died.

It made me think of the instant between life and death.

Why has Karen died?

At night she no longer lies near my side.

Is she happy on the other side?

To at long last be pain free with Angels at her side?

As I type this I cry still.

Trying hard not to bawl.

So hard to go on still.

We are here for but an instant then gone as we lie still.

The old joke “Why did the Chicken cross the road? To show the Opossum that it could be done!”.

Funny no more, as Opossum lies still…

Dedicated to the late Karen Paddock, 1969 - 2013.

Opossum are colloquially called possums; Latin: Didelphimorphia.


by Robert L. Paddock
Copyright (C) 2015

Spiders are everywhere. Grandma's baseman. Parents basement.

Silken webs as clingy as a cocoon, dew filed at night.

We watch them for hours on the old Kennerdell Bridge as they ate last nights meal.

Then repaired the damage to the web for the coming night.

Usually out of sight they stayed at night.

Waiting for a bug in flight.

To pounce with delight when one landed and started to fight, the web of the night… The Reign of spiders

The citizens of the Australian town of Goulburn woke up to a scene out of a Stephen King novel.


I Want a Do Over

by Robert L. Paddock
Copyright (C) 2013,2017

There are several days in my life that I'd like a “do over” for.

Do I got back to a few days before Karen's suicide to prevent it?

Do I got back 24 years to prevent her car accident in the first place, so that she did not suffer for all of the years?

Do I got back to the post office where I let a lovely looking young lady go before me, where there was a very long line at Christmas time. She hung around by the door clearly wanting me to talk to her and I was too shy at the time, something I've overcome with the passing years. I would have never meet Karen at all.

Do I go back to high school and ask the girl there that I liked, that I was to afraid to even talk with due to my shyness?

Do I go back to the first big decision of my life when I was seven, and my parents gave me a choice between Karate Lessons or an Organ with music lessons. I choose the music lessons, as being a Nerd, I was attracted to all the blinking lights and buttons of the organ.

If we could pull at the threads of the tapestry of our lives how much of it will unravel?

Do we want it to?

We only regret those things that we do not do.

Today by chance or fate, we can not know which, I chatted with a lovely young lady as we left a meeting about our shared interests in SiFi.

I asked her to join me for lunch.

What if she says 'No'?

Perhaps she'll say yes? Then new friends we may each have.

Her answers maters not, for asking the question means there is a new regret I shall not have, fore we only regret that which we do not do…