Gateway Process with the missing page 25

Here is the official CIA archive version of Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Process that everyone keeps sharing on line. Few seem to notice that page 25 is missing from this document:

This version is the original complete document with the missing page 25 included and without the CIA branding covering up the page numbers: 1983_analysis_and_assessment_of_gateway_process_with_page_25.pdf

This document had its roots in the Military's Remote Viewing (RV) program. The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage, that you can still take yourself today, was being studied as part of the RV “Cool Down Process”. Joe McMoneagle is the best Remote Viewer in the world that has ever been, was part of this and married Robert Monroe's step-daughter Scooter, from meeting at that time.

Most of the CIA Remote Viewing documents are under “Stargate” (The proper project name is 'Star[space]Gate'), doing a search for project code names such as “Centerlane”, “Grillflame” and “Sun Streak”, also return hits here at the CIA Reading Room.

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