Starlink to beam down more EMF pollution

12,000 of these satellites will be beaming down on us once the Starlink system is in full operation.

What happens when a complex modulation of Starlink, 5G at 28.375 GHz , 77 GHz from vehicle RADAR, and 5.9 GHz from Vehicle Infrastructure (V2X) mix biologically? I doubt anyone knows. Is anyone other than me even asking that question? That there are only thermal effects has long sense been disproved.

I see many people trying to cash in by selling EMF protection widgets and shielding courses for 5G. Yet they mention nothing about any of these other sources of electromagnetic pollution.

A decent spectrum analyzer to actually study this stuff correctly starts at a base price of $170,000. Fully loaded price of $1,300,000. Cheap handheld meters don't get it done once you start to consider all the heterodyning harmonics etc. Most of the videos I see on Internet with handheld meters are claiming to show things that the meter is incapable of measuring.

Keysight's (Formerly Agilent, Formerly HP) new UXR1104A Infiniium UXR-Series Oscilloscope. The most capable model has a 110 GHz bandwidth and samples at up to 256 GSa/s - on each of four channels.

54 Minute long video of what is in it:

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